Price Packages

$3000 -1000 4k

Requires 1 week advance notice 

3 Hour time slot

Rental space option included

Special edits

Car Rental Option (Prices may vary)

Color grading

Model option available Drone option included

BTS photos

The Casso
$500 4k

2 hour time slot

Special effects

Color grading

Drone option included

Studio option additional $60

IG promo video

Cassiano Express $250 4K

1 hour time slot

Basic video

Color grading

Cut/Special transitions

IG promo video

Promotional Videos

Promotional video đź“˝

1-2 hours $250 

5 hrs - $600 


       1-2 hours 

$250 video package 

  • film time 

  • Travel time 

  • Film edits 

  • Timely drafts. 




$600 promo video package 


    -    film time 

  • Travel and editing

  • Personalized edits 

  • A rough draft within a week of shooting 

  • Final draft within two - three weeks depending on project 

  • ​

Includes travel

Travel longer than 40 mins will be an additional fee. 


50% deposit required at the time of booking.